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Blah Blah Cats Blah

Here I am again! And what is this? Regular posting? Oh my god.
I'm terribly bored. It's raining outside and my house is full of incredibly irritating people. So I'm honestly just writing because I've got nothing better to do.
Here is my cat. just for giggles:

Isn't she pretty? Her name is Cassieopia. She's going to be eleven this month. She's a crazy old broad.
On that note, I should mention that I love cats. LOVE CATS. They are so much better than dogs. I hate people who hate cats, because they're just awesome.

And also, changed my user pic to my Team Carrion thingy. Because Abarat is coming out soon and I must show my support. Plus, Carrion's the greatest!


Other Dimensions and Final Exams

Hello everyone who isn't reading this!
I'm so close! Everything is falling into place (finally!) and it looks like I may finally achieve my dream of getting a book published.
Good lord.
So yes, maybe someday soon everyone who isn't reading this will be reading my book.
I haven't decided on a title yet. I was thinking about something to do with dreams, because that's what the whole story was based around.  Not dreams in general, but my own personal dreams. The visions I see are comparable to nothing I can find in this world! On that note, is it incredibly cliche to have my story take place in a different dimenson?
Also, on a note completely unrelated, the release of the third book of Abarat is approaching. Hurray! I know what the beginning of my next school year will be absorbed with :)
Out of school early all this week for finals. I'm so happy.

  1. I'm an artist and a writer.
  2. I plan to be an author/graphic novelist someday.
  3. I have two cats. My third got lost. :'(
  4. My cats actually own my house. I'm here to open cans.
  5. The only thing I ever watch on television is House M.D.
  6. I wish I was British.
  7. My favorite character in any book, ever, is Christopher Carrion from Abarat, by Clive Barker.
  8. I have a strong hate for Twilight and anything related to it.
  9. I often think like someone from the 19th century. For example, I'm disgusted by girls who don't wear actual clothing.
  10. I have a college-level vocabulary. So does my best friend.
  11. I'd like to take up the violin.
  12. I'm fascinated by deadly diseases.
  13. My favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon. Toothless. Is. Adorable.
  14. I am personally convinced that cats are smarter than dogs. Cats are just awesome.
  15. I'm writing a research paper about nightmares.
  16. My 16th birthday party is going to be a masquerade.
  17. I have a neopets account.
  18. My favorite things to draw are people and foxes.
  19. I love anything Steampunk.
  20. Anteaters are my favorite animals, I someday want to own one.
  21. I'm getting a kitten. I'm psyched.
  22. I keep a log of my dreams, because they are fascinating.
  23. My favorite bands are U2, Cage the Elephant, and Muse.
  24. This is actually my first post on Livejournal for about four months.
  25. I can't go more than a few hours without music :)


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